Islands of Tasmania 2022

Our recent Islands of Tasmania by Air tour was beset by major weather events, such as rain and wind emanating from the series of east coast low pressure systems. These caused considerable problems to our small group in the light plane, with some major diversions resulting in a much more ‘exciting’ tour than anticipated. However, in spite of this the tour was completed with about 90% of scheduled events taking place. This is the second time we have done this tour and we were not disappointed at all. The tour has been modified and enhanced in the intervening years. Major highlights included the eco-tour guides at Inala on Bruny Island and the Gordon River cruise. As is usual on Insights Tours we were wined and dined in unique fashion, particularly at the View Restaurant and also The Boatshed, both at Currie on King Island. Hats off once again to the Insights Tours organisation.
Col & Glenda

-Islands of Tasmania 2022

Treasures of the Outback by Air June 2021

Dear Brigitte and John

Oh what a wonderful trip!  Thank you both so much for a great time on a fascinating and enthralling tour of the deserts and rivers of the Outback.
The flying was exciting and made these landscapes so vivid and informative.  It is certainly a wonderful way to see this remote part of Australia….
I loved every minute.
The trip underlined how vast this country is and surprisingly how much can be used but how tough life is for those who choose that lifestyle.  Their courage and determination is inspiring.
You were generous and informative hosts and made me feel welcome….
It made my flying holiday quite perfect and one I will always remember.
I will also remember some great meals and superb places.
With my deep thanks for an amazing experience.
Anne M

-Treasures of the Outback by Air June 2021

Northern NSW by Train October 2020

I continue to be amazed at how you find such high quality lunches in far flung places and also the variety of interesting places to visit.




We are enjoying memories of a very happy and interesting time with you on the NW train trip. It exceeded our expectations in every way…

thank you for your careful planning, your attention to detail, your thoughtfulness for everyone and the friendly manner in which you conducted our tour. There was so much for you to arrange and organise but you  made it all look effortless. We had a very happy time ..and hope to travel again with Insights Tours.

R and J


Private Outback air tour 2019

My wife and I want to thank John Tuckerman from Insights Tours for organising an absolutely stunning 10 day tour of the great outback of Australia by air. It’s hard to put into words 10 days of the most beautiful sights to be seen in the most remote places on the planet. Thank you John.


Lake Eyre by Air August 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip away. Covering so much country in a short time. Flying in just like VIP’s.
Thanks again. Helen

-Lake Eyre by Air 2019

 Thank you too John for such a memorable trip. I had no idea what to expect when we left but every hour was an adventure and the days just kept getting better and finishing with that beautiful sunset at Mungo but not forgetting our tour of Hay with David and Coleen. What a fabulous couple.  I have put the rose cuttings she gave me into a pot so fingers crossed.
Would you put us on your mailing list please, you certainly have some interesting places to go to.
Cheers now LB


Central NSW Insights May 2016

Thank you for the most wonderful tour…. enjoyed the variety of points of interest we visited, the clockwork organisation, the comfortable accommodation and the fabulous and healthy food.

J and E


Galapagos Insights

Agreed, the best holiday ever.




We are…..still on a high about the marvellous tour we had in South America. We wish again to thank you and Paul for providing such an opportunity. Your oversight and care during the tour were exceptional. Thanks!

T and L


South Australian Insights May 2015

We thoroughly enjoyed our Insights tour to South Australia. Thank you so much. You see things quite differently when you travel like that. And our tours of Broken Hill and the Adelaide region were great.


Firstly,congratulations on another successful tour…. and… it goes without saying how much we enjoyed the trip.


Victorian Insights May 2013

Congratulations on another well organised tour…. thank you very much for your many considerations to ensure our comfort and enjoyment.


Thanks so much once again for a fabulous holiday.


A great trip – very memorable in lots of ways.


Lake Eyre by Air 2011

Had a great time!


Brazilian Insights June / July 2011

Dear Paul and John,
This is just to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to Brazil with Insights Tours….Thank you so much for treating us so well and making everything run so smoothly. We have certainly gained enormous INSIGHTS into Brazil, having literally travelled the length and breadth of the country, and spoken to many diverse people on the way. We were particularly impressed with the local guides that helped us at every place. They were knowledgeable, adaptable and helpful.

Since returning home we have found many people amazed that we were so impressed with Brazil, and several who have asked if the trip will be offered again?

We will definitely keep an eye out for future Insights ventures and look forward to keeping in touch. Thanks again!

-L and T

Insights Railmotors May 2011

Dear Paul and John

Thank you both so much for organising such an enjoyable trip. As always the organisation was impeccable and the excursions interesting and unique. It was a lot of fun and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

I am already excited and looking forward to Taiwan!!!


Islands of Tasmania March 2011

Paul and John

Many, many thanks for a most enjoyable and well organised holiday.

-M and J

Indian Insights 2010

Insights Tours’ tour of India was wonderful! I loved the diversity of the tour places of renown and others that were unusual and exciting.


Thank you for the care you took with every detail we had a magic carpet experience of India!

-S and L

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