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Wednesday 21st to Tuesday 27th August 2019

Lake Eyre by Air 2019

This seven day itinerary, travelling by private, chartered aircraft, visiting outback NSW, Queensland and South Australia, takes in the Corner Country, Lake Eyre and Lake Mungo. A truly quintessential Australian journey tracing the steps of European explorers and colonial drovers, and walking in the timeless land of indigenous Australians. You will visit outback stations, see the famous Cooper Creek and Lake Eyre, explore the unique Flinders Ranges and experience the indigenous perspective of fascinating Lake Mungo. A must-do trip!

Simpson Desert
Lake Eyre region
Wednesday 20th February to Sunday 3rd March 2019

North Island of New Zealand by Train

North Island NZ by Train will feature travel by exclusively chartered railcar. Travelling throughout the North Island of New Zealand by private train and complemented with coach touring and special ferry journeys.

Insights Tours has chartered Tokumaru, the railcar pictured above for an exclusive travelling experience. Furnished with 48 seats but with a maximum of 24 guests, you can be assured of a very comfortable and enjoyable experience. Our wide-ranging tour of the New Zealand’s North Island will encompass all the operational lines; many of which no longer see regular passenger trains. Even if you’ve been to NZ previously, travelling and seeing the beautiful landscapes from a chartered railcar is certain to be a  truly memorable experience.

This 12 day tour includes a very special cruise by chartered vessel on Kaipara Harbour from Port Albert to Pahi; –  a rarely-seen region with a long and interesting history which will be revealed during our cruise.

The full, detailed itinerary is available below.

Sunday 24th February to Saturday 2nd March 2019

Tokomaru Insights

Come and see New Zealand / Aotearoa from a very different and special perspective on Tokomaru Insights.

A  journey by chartered  railcar ‘Tokomaru’ and supporting coach as we take you to our favourite locations in the North Island, featuring private chartered railcar travel on all regional lines of the North Island – some of which have not seen this type of train since 1973.

All aboard!

Thursday 14th - Friday 29th November 2019

Taiwan Insights

Taiwan Insights is a 16 day tour to the fascinatingly diverse island of Taiwan. Named Ilha Formosa, beautiful island, by 16th century Portuguese seafarers, it continues to live up to that description with monumental mountain ranges, lush tropical forests, dramatic sea cliffs and verdant agricultural lands. Complementing the natural attributes of Taiwan there is much to experience: fresh local cuisine, a diverse culture and history, intriguing markets and Taiwan’s people who have cultural ties and influences from many roots including, of course, China but also European, Japanese and the 14 aboriginal tribes of Taiwan.

Taiwan is well recognised as a very successful economic entity but there is much more – and included in Taiwan Insights are a comprehensive array of experiences to ensure you have a unique, diverse and enjoyable tour.

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